Overguard Arena: Casters

Overguard Arena: Casters

The Overguard Arena has enlisted the help of console Overwatch's finest casters, a motley crew of splendid, PMA, 900 IQ, velvet-voiced orators with the energy and experience to accompany our games the way a nice, cold glass of water accompanies a hot day. In the...

Overguard Arena: Casters

Introducing the Overguard Arena’s Teams and Tiers

The inaugural season of the Overguard Arena is primed to get going, with over 50 teams, split across Xbox and Playstation, ready to rack up some W's. The Xbox playing field is split by average SR across three tiers: Tier 1 (Gold, Silver), Tier 2 (Platinum, Diamond),...

What is TheOverguard?

An eSports organisation for gamers across the three major platforms. We run PC, PS4 and Xbox events for the best teams in the world and the aspiring players alike.

Who is it for?

Absolutely Anyone – Team up with friends, compete against local or global teams, rank up and win real prizes.

Why TheOverguard?

We have a passion for supporting the gaming community. We want to interconnect players around the world, and provide a friendly environment for casual and pro gamers alike.