It has been a while since our last Fortnite Power Rankings, and since then, A LOT has happened in Epic Games’ Battle Royale franchise. We saw the Summer Skirmish come and go, with eight weeks of competition for $8 million. Epic also recently announced another competition, the Fall Skirmish, which will consist of $10 million in prizes over six weeks, giving an even higher total pool and concentration. The competitive scene is just getting started for Fortnite, and there are still some kinks to work out, but here is the best rankings we could compose given limited resources. These were based on competitive performances like Summer Skirmish as duos and solos within the team, and performance as a team in squad scrims, as well as customs and LAN tourneys.

5. Atlantis

This EU powerhouse team consists of standout players like Magin and Mitr0, who is also one of the top Fortnite eSports earners, whose building and mechanical prowess makes them stand out among the rest. They also have stood out in their performance in EU customs, where they competed against other pro and semi-pro players in custom lobbies sanctioned by Epic Games. Atlantis has proven that even as a small organization, they have the talent to compete at the highest level.

4. Team Secret

Team Secret, another EU powerhouse, has signed the mechanical monsters that are Mongraal and Domentos. At just 13, Mongraal was too young to compete in the Summer Skirmish, or any Epic event for that matter. However, like his EU counterparts at Atlantis, he has proven that he can compete through his performance in EU customs. His duo partner, 17-year-old Domentos, has participated in numerous Summer Skirmishes and has won a total of $72,500 in prizes. Unfortunately for Domentos, and most EU players, they were unable to secure travel arrangements, buy passes, and get approved for a Visa in time to attend PAX West as Epic had only given players a little over one week’s notice before the tourney started.

3. FaZe

FaZe, who was, and still is one of the most recognizable names in the eSports scene, has now taken over the Fortnite competitive scene. They have signed seven players now with the addition of a Summer Skirmish superstar in Nate Hill. It is unclear whether they plan on having two teams, or who exactly will be a solo player for them in the future. For the meantime, it looks like the competitive roster stands as Cloak, Tfue, Jaomock, Tennp0, and Nate Hill whilst FaZe sorts out what the squad should look like. It’s a stacked roster that warrants top five consideration, but the uncertainty keeps them at #3.

2. Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming has been a dominant force in the eSports scene for a while, and their situation in Fortnite is no different. Their squad currently consists of Saf, Ghoul, DMO, and Bizzle, who is the second top earner so far in Fortnite eSports. Ghost has proven their dominance not only in Summer Skirmish, but as a squad in squad scrims. Ghost consistently performs at the highest level, and they haven’t shown any reason to believe they don’t belong at the top.

1. Team Liquid

Liquid hasn’t moved since our last power rankings, and unless another proven powerhouse comes around, it may not change. Liquid’s team, consisting of Chap, 72 Hours, top earner Poach, and the recently signed Vivid, are all in the top 10 in earnings. Together, they have earned more than $720,000 in money from the Summer Skirmish. Liquid’s strength in their roster, as well as their performance from their players individually and as duos has proven time and time again that they are the best of the best. Liquid have built a squad that not only has some of the top talent in the game, but also the best chemistry in the game. Everyone seems to get on well with each other, and right now Liquid is mixing around the duos to see who fits best.


Notable Mentions:

Disclaimer: these are not necessarily teams that missed out on the top five, but teams that are currently going through changes to their rosters.


Arguably one of the most popular orgs in the Fortnite scene right now, with some of the biggest names like Myth and Daequan. TSM’s Fortnite future is uncertain, as the team is in more or less a transitioning state. Myth, who has come under scrutiny from fans of his, and Fortnite fans in general, has taken his future into his own hands, and is putting emphasis on practice as he is trying to get better. His teammates however, Hamlinz and Daequan, haven’t shown as much enthusiasm as Myth has, with Daequan and Hamlinz staying home from PAX to focus on their own channels instead of competing. Obviously this puts their competitive future up in the air, and on top of all that, TSM is also still looking for a fourth to replace Camills, who was recently benched for reasons explained in this video.


NRG gutted their entire Fortnite roster recently except for Zayt and Svennoss. Zayt, has definitely shown promise in the Fortnite competitive scene, as he won week three of the Summer Skirmish, in style too. NRG claims they are “restructuring” their roster. As the Fortnite competitive scene is just getting going, we might expect to see this from a few more teams.

* Words by Clancy Hughes, who you can argue with on Twitter here. Cover image by Epic Games and Fenedhis *