With the emergence of a rapidly growing Fortnite esports scene (stemming from Fortnite Battle Royale competitions), it felt fitting that we put together power rankings for all the teams that seem to be competing at the highest stage. These rankings were determined by multiple factors including scrimmage performance, individual performance, participation, and overall talent so far. Aside from a few tournaments and the eye-test, there isn’t much data to go off of at these early stages, so these rankings are very loosely structured and subject to change as Fortnite evolves as an esport.

5. NoClout

NoClout has a team comprised of smaller and lesser known streamers, however they have shown that talent comes first for their team, as they have put together a team that can win consistently when they do play. Streamers like Aspect and GoMagicGo headline the team’s top performers. They have multiple wins under their belt, like this squads scrim, where they picked up the win in a talented showing against players from NRG.

4. 100 Thieves

100T just recently made the final addition to their roster with Sir Demetrious, a Youtuber and Twitch streamer who joins a team consisting of Parallax, Kenith, and Risker. This talented roster has shown they can perform individually, and time will tell if their skills and teamwork will kick in. In the games they have played together, they have shown great chemistry, and look like a promising team and competitor for the upcoming competitive season.

3. FaZe

FaZe has probably been the biggest surprise of all the teams, as many people, even fellow pro players, waved them off as a joke. FaZe, however, has been taking this seriously, as they have some of the biggest participation in pro scrims, unlike their fellow big “competitor” — TSM. FaZe has proven themselves and has earned respect from the competitive community (as well as some pretty big followings for FaZe players like Tfue).

2. NRG

NRG places second in these power rankings as they have put together a very strong roster consisting of Zayt, TheGeneral, Kaysid, and Vicaros. NRG has a smaller team, but with the talent to rival those of bigger organizations like FaZe or TSM. They have also surprisingly performed well in their scrimmages and impressed many. NRG has played in quite a few scrim matches so far, including this 18-team squads scrim, where they made a very big impression despite not picking up the win.

1. Team Liquid

Coming in at number one is Team Liquid. Liquid recently filled out their roster with the likes of Chap, Poach, Strafeshot, and former FaZe member 72 hours. Team Liquid has consistently showed up in scrims and their players practice in competitive regularly. Liquid is a newcomer to the Fortnite competitive community, but have quickly proven themselves to be the best of the best. They tried an interesting strategy in their latest squad scrim which you can check out here, as they built a skybase in a bold and creative attempt to outplay their fellow pros.