On Friday, July 27th nearly 50 Fortnite duos went head to head in Fortnite’s third Summer Skirmish: Race to the Crown. Over 10 matches, teams fought it out for the victory and for over five kills, enough to secure themselves points. The format was different than the one we saw two weeks ago, in Fortnite’s inaugural Summer Skirmish competitive tournament, which suffered from serious lag. The combination of spectators still connected and the number of players in a small area, in addition to the insane amount of building and explosives, saw the servers basically crumple, causing the tourney to end prematurely. That disaster appears now to be a one-off instance, as this week’s tournament went flawlessly.

With the disaster of week 1, Epic knew they had to switch up the format if they wanted the Summer Skirmish series to run well. After a solo competition in week 2, Epic had some time to brainstorm. They came up with a points system with a win counting for four points and getting over five kills in a game counting for two. If you got both of these, it was called a “Royale Flush,” giving you six points in the race to 13 points. The competition introduced the more casual Fortnite: Battle Royale audience to the competitive meta that has been around for a while. The match got super close towards the end, as the last four games of the 10 game series could have been ended by a win, royale flush, or a team getting five kills. If you haven’t already seen the standings for the tournament, you can check them out here.

The competition really got exciting in the last game. At this point, there were three teams all level at 10 points, with iHesi and Ghost Bizzle in the lead with 12, needing just five kills to seal the win. They got five in the 10th game, however they died soon after that. iHesi and Bizzle were already celebrating though, as they had thought they won, given the tournament is described as “first to 13”, and they were the first to get there. This, however was not the case — although they remained in the lead. Not until the end of the game did they fear for their spot at the top, when announcers CouRageJD and Zeke realized that Zayt and his partner SKT Saf could win it all with one more kill, and they did just that. With the very last circle closing in, the EU teammates Ashton and Amaize prepared to heal it out from the lowground. Amaize went down to the storm, and with only two seconds left on Ashton’s medkit Zayt broke through the wall that was protecting him, killed him to secure the win, and earned the Royale Flush, putting them at 16 points, and making them the winners. Here (and embedded above) is a clip of the play if you haven’t seen it already.

It was probably the most exciting finish fans have seen to a tourney so far in Fortnite’s competitive journey, but there will certainly be more excitement to come. Next week’s Summer Skirmish picks up Friday, August 3rd, and while the format isn’t clear, fans can certainly expect some exciting action to come.