Celebrate the spookiest time of year with the Overguard’s Hallow’s Eve Death Match Series! Sponsored by Kontrol Freek and the Overwatch League’s New York Excelsior, Xbox and PlayStation teams are welcomed to compete in a custom 4v4 Team Death Match tournament for a chance at a variety of prizes. The tournament will run on the weekend before Halloween (October 27th & 28th) and the map pool will feature all of Overwatch’s standard Arena maps. Teams and players of all SRs are welcome to join the tentatively open-bracket Death Match Series, with the potential of moving to tiered brackets depending on registration.

For more information and to register, all players can join the Overguard’s Discord server and access the PS4 Battlefy page or XB1 Battlefy page.

Spoopy Details

Tournament Date: October 27th and 28th

Consoles: PS4 and XB1

Region: Locked to the U.S. (for prize shipping)

Format: 4v4 Team Death Match

Stream: Finals will be streamed live on The Overguard’s Twitch channel

Casters: Head Caster Schtitle24 and Co-Caster(s) TBA

Sponsors: NYXL & KontrolFreek

Links: Overguard Discord, NYXL Discord, PS4 Battlefy, XB1 Battlefy

Prize Pool

KontrolFreek: Each console’s winning team will receive 4 sets of KontrolFreek Overwatch thumb-sticks. The community-voted KontrolFreek MVP will also be awarded their own set of thumb-sticks.

NYXL: The 1st and 2nd place teams of each console will be able to pick from a variety of NYXL goodies ranging from jerseys and shirts to socks, hats, and stickers. First-place teams get first dibs and not all sizes are available.