Looking for Overwatch Broadcasting Talent

for PS4, Xbox & PC
The Overguard is looking for individuals interested in becoming members of The Overguard production team across all platforms: PS4, XBOX & PC. This entails not only commentating for matches but also being a broadcaster who runs the overlays and stream, a graphic designer who can make some great overlays, maybe you produce music and have a good idea for a theme song. Whatever the case may be, if you would like to be a part of our production team take a look at a few of the positions we are looking to fill.



Must have a capture card or ability to stream to twitch with overlays and transitions. – Must be available to stream on the days your league competes.


Must have knowledge of the way the game is played, strategies, and map/hero knowledge. – Must be able to hold conversation regarding the game, meta, and environment of the league – Play by Play ability is preferred Other roles: (These two roles are merely the two most important to the health of our broadcasting. Other roles are needed as well so please let us know if you can help in these ways!)


Will be required to watch the broadcasts of your respective league in order to record any key events and statistics -Organization skills are preferred to keep track of statistics over the course of a season -Time! Not only to go over past broadcasts to catch those stats but also to join in on broadcasts to add an extra flair.


If you are great at creating conversation where none is found then come be a colour caster and help fill the dead space that can be so killer in a cast. -this is the role for those that might be interested in hosting or fully committing to Shoutcasting but are not sure of it yet. I would like it to be known that as of now this is a volunteer run organization, we cannot offer any paid positions at this time.