The wait is over. Season 3 is wrapped up, set aside, and The Overguard is proud to officially open up registration to a completely overhauled Overwatch Competitive Season for PC, PS4, and Xbox teams across all tiers with some major updates and improvements to the season and league format. 12-man rosters, a 6-week season, one week of playoffs, and an emphasis on accurately tiered SR and regional competitions. Oh, and a revamped online dashboard* to accommodate our newest feature: the Overguard Arena.

Read on for more details or jump right in and register here!

Overguard Arena: Season 0


  • PC, PS4, and Xbox
  • Teams split across tiers by average SR with a maximum of 4 tiers
  • Region-locked tiers to better facilitate time zones**
  • More games: Organized Arena Matches with overall, public leaderboards
  • New Playoff Finals for each tier’s top teams at season’s end
  • 1-week off-season


  • Rosters register online and Captains verify on Discord
  • 12-man rosters now permitted with all gamertags registered in advance
  • Registration: Captains can register their teams, system, and region here


  • Six weeks of games followed by one week of Playoffs
  • Open blocks for matches with score-tracking and leaderboard updates


  • More games, more flexibility, more rewards
  • Adjustments to Blizzard’s streaming policy mean higher-production streams for specific sponsored and themed events
  • Inclusion with The Overguard Arena system: Teams and players will accrue Arena points for winning and participating in matches as well as by completing Arena Challenges

Overguard Arena: Quest System

Arena Challenges

  • Overguard Arena runs alongside the Competitive Season 0 and facilitates team points as well as individual rewards
  • Season 0: Arena Points are awarded for match participation and wins, with the top teams making the playoffs
  • Arena Challenges: Players can earn Arena Points through achieving game-specific challenges as linked through revamped online dashboard*
  • Arena Points: Points accumulate and are tied to team playoff standings as well as individual rewards and prizes

* Dashboard features currently in Beta

** As permitted by league size and membership