The Overguard Season 3 Update

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Season 3 Start Date

Season 3 for our Overwatch PS4 and Xbox leagues begins Saturday, November 11th. Registration opens on Saturday, October 28th, and ends on Saturday, November 4th.


New Premium Membership Offering

For the first time, we are offering a Premium Membership to The Overguard community for $1.99/week. New and exciting features include the following:

    • User Profiles: Showcase your stats on The Overguard website! Show off your best game highlights as well as promote your personal Youtube and Twitch channels.
    • Free Agents Database: Are you a free agent looking for a team, or a team captain looking for new talent? Take advantage of the searchable Free Agents Database on our website.
    • Leaderboards: Curious to see how you stack up against other members of The Overguard community on your platform? You’ll want to visit the Leaderboards!
    • Merchandise Discounts: Want a sweet discount on official TheOverguard merchandise? Piece of cake! Premium Membership holders will enjoy exclusive discounts on our merchandise.
    • Exclusive VIP Access: Enjoy the VIP treatment with access to premium and exclusive events, giveaways, and promotions!
    • Access to the Premier League: Are you ready for the next level of competitive gaming? Or are you a veteran team determined to defend your claim to glory? Enjoy exclusive access to the Premier Overwatch League. Fight your way up the ladder for guaranteed prize pools, exclusive rewards, and more! 

Season 3 Prize Pool – The Premier League

We are excited to be able to offer guaranteed prize pools in Season 3. Prize pools will no longer be solely crowdfunded, although we will still open up crowdfunded pools if people would like to contribute additionally. Prizes will be available to all four tiers in our Premier League. A premium membership is required to participate. The minimum expected prize pools are as follows:

Pro Tier: $600

Elite Tier: $360

Royal Tier: $240

Open Tier: $120

* prize amount based on a full league system, actual prize may differ


The All New Underground – Free League

For the first time, the Underground for both our Xbox and PS4 Overwatch Leagues will not have an SR limit. Teams of all skill levels will be welcome in the Underground Leagues, which will be free. Each team will be placed into a Group of other teams with a similar SR average.
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Why is The Overguard charging money now?

As we grow and work towards our goals, creating a way to generate revenue is the logical next step for the organization. We have always been, and will forever remain, a team dedicated to providing an exceptional gaming experience to The Overguard community. The revenue generated from the new Premium Memberships will enable us to provide:

  • Guaranteed prize pools and rewards for the winning team of each tier of the Premier League, thus creating an incentive for increasingly competitive gaming.
  • Higher quality streams and expansion of our services and features.
  • The ability to compensate our staff for running 70+ games per week in addition to marketing, website development, event planning, production, and management of daily operations.

The Premium Membership, along with stricter rule enforcement, will also help reduce the number of inactive teams and forfeited games. We hope this will help encourage a higher level of engagement and participation within the Premier League.


Organizational Changes and New Staff

As many of you know, we are actively interviewing candidates for a number of roles. You may notice some new faces around the Discord very soon. Please offer them a warm welcome and say hello when you do!

We are also excited to announce that there have also been a few organizational changes, noted below:

  • Schtitle24 is now our Media Director. He will manage our Marketing and Production teams.
  • NocturnalDuet is now our Director of Operations. She will manage each Platform League team and the Administration team.

When fully staffed, each platform will have a dedicated team consisting of a League Commissioner and League Admins. They will ensure the league runs smoothly, resolve disputes, and answer any questions you might have.



Now that prizes are in place for each tier of the Premier League, league rules will be enforced more strictly. Before you enter a league, please review the league rules on the website. If anything is unclear, please reach out to an admin. It is your responsibility to communicate with our team if you are confused or do not understand a rule.

We strongly encourage team captains to require their teams to confirm that they have read and agreed to the league rules. If one of your team members breaks the league rules in game, whether intentionally or out of ignorance, and they are reported with sufficient evidence, disciplinary actions will be taken. These disciplinary actions may include, but are not limited to, forfeiting the game, disqualification, and/or expulsion from the league/event.

If you disagree with the disciplinary action you and/or your team received, you have the option to formally appeal the decision. The Formal Appeal Request form will be available on our website. We will review each appeal carefully and respond to you via Discord once a decision has been reached.



It is your responsibility to communicate with each other, your Platform League Team, and The Overguard Leadership Team. If you are unsure of anything, it is better to ask than to assume. We strongly recommend that you handle those communications in writing so there is no confusion and a record of what was discussed, and/or agreed to.



Anti-Smurfing rules will be tightened and enforced in Season 3 and in all future seasons to prevent players from abusing the prize system. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to use another account, please contact an admin prior to using the smurf account. It is at the discretion of the admin to determine whether the reason is legitimate or not.You may not use a smurf account under any circumstances without prior approval. Players who use unauthorized smurf accounts will be disaqualified from the season.


Cheating/Poor Sportsmanship

if you observe any instance of cheating, rule breaking, or poor sportsmanship in your game, immediately record the footage. After your game, please submit it for review to your League Commissioner in Discord along with a description of the circumstances and the rules that were broken. If the report is found to be true with sufficient evidence, disciplinary actions will be taken, up to and including, but not limited to, forfeiting that game, disqualification, and/or expulsion from the league/event.



To prevent teams from joining the league and then forfeiting every game, we will enforce a 3 strike rule for forfeited games. Participating in a league is a significant time investment. It is not fair, nor respectful, to other teams who are dedicated and want to compete in a professional league when there are teams in the league who do not take it seriously.

A team’s first forfeited game will not result in any disciplinary actions. A team’s second forfeited game will result in a formal written warning. A team’s third forfeited game will result in disqualification from that season.

Under extreme circumstances, a team may receive a pass on a forfeited game without it counting against them. To request this, you must send a direct message to NocturnalDuet in Discord, explaining what happened and why you are requesting that the forfeited game not count against your team. Life happens and sometimes circumstances are outside of your control. However, it will be up to our discretion whether the specific situation warrants a pass without penalty. If you disagree with the final decision, you may request a formal appeal.



There will no longer be substitute players on rosters. Teams will consist of up to nine players. All nine players are considered full team members, and it is up to the team to determine who will play each game.