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The All New Season 3

  • Start Date: November 25
  • Season Length: 6 weeks (2 weeks break over Christmas and New Year)
  • Tiers: Each team competes weekly against other teams from within their tier to climb through the ranks. We will be placing new teams into Elite, Royal and Open based off team average SR. Each tier has a maximum of twelve teams competing.
  • Worldwide: Although the games are in US timezone, international teams are welcome.
  • Promotion: At the end of the season, the top 2 teams from each tier will promote to the next level up and the lowest 2 teams will drop down a tier. 
  • Broadcast: Games will be broadcasted on specific days each week from our Twitch channel, the remaining games are played off-stream.
  • Schedule: Each team will have approximately 2 games scheduled per week.
  • Standings: See your team climbing the ranks each week with our standings generator.

Weekly Broadcast Times

Check out the new stream scheduled for each tier. If you are a new team signing up, you can estimate your tier using your team average skill rating. Your team’s average SR will be determined by taking each member’s average SR (current season SR and current season high SR divided by two), adding them together, and then dividing that total by however many members are on your team.


Underground, Open & Royal  Caster Program available each week
Elite (approx 3.8k SR teams) 11am-3pm PST Weekends
Pro (approx 4k+ SR Teams) 11am-3pm PST Weekends


Underground, Open & Royal  Caster Program available each week
Elite (approx 3.8k SR teams) 3pm-7pm PST Weekends
Pro (approx 4k+ SR Teams) 3pm-7pm PST Weekends

The remaining games will be played off-stream and flexible within the week.

Get the season pass

For teams who want guaranteed rewards, priority broadcasted games and help support the league. Now optional for all teams in any tier.



Only one player per team needs to sign up

Registrant Details:

Event Details:

Choose which platform and region your team would like to participate in. If we do not reach the minimum required teams for your region then you will be entered into the NA region.



Join our Discord (compulsory) and fill in your captain's Discord name. We use the Discord for all of our communications regarding the Arena. You can also use the Discord to find extra teammates in the LFG channel if you don't have a full team.

Please enter your season high for the previous season of Overwatch. We will confirm your SR and check for smurfs.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

I have read and agree to TheOverguard's rules. I understand that the rules are subject to change, and assume responsibility for ensuring that my team is aware of and follows these rules as written.*