• TheOverguard Arena – Season 0 is Beta testing our new system, and working out a new Format for OW. New features will be unlocked as the season progresses, and current features will receive updates as well. Please keep in mind, that major changes can be made to scheduling or Format details, as we tweak the Arena system.
  • TheOverguard reserves the right to edit or change these rules at any time. All members currently participating in TheOverguard’s events/tournaments/Arena are expected to review and adhere to these rules at all times.
Arena Season 0 Schedule:

Teams can openly schedule matches between other teams in their Tier, everyday of the week. Team Captains and/or Representative, must be present within our Discord and have proper roles. This will allow you to access channels to schedule matches with other teams in your Tier, report scores, and speak with Staff directly.

Optionally, your team can enter the Arena every week on Saturday, through our Partnered Battlefy page designated for your Tier. Enter matchmaking and Win games to earn extra points for your Team.

Arena Matches:
Self-Scheduled – Anytime
Battlefy Matchmaking – Every Saturday: NA 7-12pm Est | EU 5-10pm BDT

Links to your team’s respective Battlefy page can be found here –

Gameplay Rules:

Captains can agree on who hosts and picks the first map, for Self-Scheduled matches.

The Battlefy Matchmaking randomly matches you against another team, hosting privilege goes to the team on top of the seed. Important: All Team Captains must save our pre-game settings in their custom game presents. The first team on the bracket is responsible for setting up the custom game and inviting the other team’s Captain.

Map Pools

Map pools will now be set for each week, and are no longer drafted by teams. We will announce the three (3) weekly maps in advance, giving you time to practice. Maps will need to be played in listed order. Maps will be announced by Wednesday each week.

Season 0 Participation Expectations

To ensure teams are active, every team must complete at least two (2) matches each week, the week beginning on Wednesday. If your team does not complete at least two (2) matches in one week, you will receive a written warning. If your team does not complete at least two (2) matches in one week again after having already received a written warning, further disciplinary action will be taken, including but not limited to point reduction, suspension, or Arena expulsion.

Exceptions: TheOverguard may make exceptions to this policy in extreme circumstances, such as natural disasters, family emergencies, etc. This is completely up to TheOverguard’s discretion, and it would be to your benefit to bring this to our attention sooner rather than later.

Score Reporting

Each team is required to take a screenshot of the results of their Arena match for documentation purposes. If you dispute a reported win, screenshot documentation will be required in order to support your claim. Please report your wins in your platform and region’s appropriate channel(In Discord) as soon as the match is complete.


Per roster, each team can have a maximum of twelve (12) players. Teams can swap or substitute players in between maps. We allow teams to have twelve players for this reason. However, the player entering the game MUST be on the team roster. This is mandatory and not negotiable. If a team swaps in a player (or a smurf account) in to an official TheOverguard match, and that player/account is not on their roster, please take video evidence and/or a screenshot and report it to your Commissioner. Teams who violate this rule and swap in a player or smurf account outside of their current team roster will forfeit that game. If a team communicates that they want to substitute/swap players in between maps, it is the host’s responsibility to pause for a maximum of five minutes during this time. If the new player does not enter the game within five minutes, the game will continue without that player.

Scoring for Matches

For self-scheduled games, teams receive ten (10) points per win. For Battlefy matches, a win is worth twelve (12) points. Losses result in a five (5) point deduction for teams across self-scheduled and Battlefy matches.

Disconnections and Pausing Policy

During a League or Tournament match, if a player is disconnected, the Hosting Team or Moderator must immediately pause the match. Each team is permitted one pause for a total of three (3) minutes throughout their Arena match. Once the pause has reached 3 minutes, the team must continue that round/map without the player. If a second disconnection occurs for a team, they will have to continue the round without that player until they rejoin. The disconnected player can return anytime but replacement/substitute players are not allowed until that round has ended. The host must pause the match when notified of a disconnect, otherwise a forfeit or rematch may be enforced.

Technical Issues

Each team is responsible for their own hardware and internet connection. If your disk ejects, your controller dies, or your internet or power drops out, the match will go on and we will NOT be able to reschedule. We’d hate for this to happen, so be as prepared as you can be to avoid these issues.


Registered coaches may spectate their team’s matches. However, you must be listed on your team’s roster as their registered coach, and the host of the match must lock that registered coach to spectating only the team that they coach. No one is permitted to spectate a match unless they are a registered coach, no exceptions. If your team is reported for a) having a spectator that is not a registered coach for your team, or b) your registered coach is not locked to spectating your team only, there will be severe disciplinary actions, up to and including forfeiting that game, losing points, and/or league expulsion.

Roster Changes

Each team must have a minimum of six (6) players, and a maximum of twelve (12). Each team is permitted a maximum of three(3) roster changes per season. Roster changes will be updated by Wednesday of every week, and the roster changes will not take effect until then. Roster changes submitted after 12:00 PM EST on any Wednesday will not take effect until the following Wednesday. You may replace as many players as you like with each roster change. When replacing a team member or adding an additional member, the incoming member must be below the team average SR in your group or tier, or below the SR of the member being replaced, whichever is higher. Players cannot be registered to more than one team at a time during a season.


You are welcome to stream your match POV if it is not being streamed on TheOverguard’s official Twitch channels. No Arena Matches are allowed to be Casted over by third parties, unless otherwise authorized.

Documenting Rule Violations and/or Cheating

If we have evidence of manipulations of in-game software, that team will be banned permanently from any future TheOverguard events. If a team is caught abusing glitches or bugs to gain an advantage, they will be suspended for the season. The use of keyboard and mouse is also not allowed and with enough evidence will result in a season ban for the player and point reduction for the team. If you or your team witness any actions or behavior from the opposing team that violate the standards as written in this policy, or of any violation of TheOverguard’s rules, please document what happened, take video footage and/or screenshots, and provide them to your League Commissioner or NocturnalDuet along with a description of what occurred.

General Behavior

Every team, and every player, is expected to be respectful in game and out. Any toxic behavior against any player, including but not limited to flaming, teabagging, voice line spamming, disrespectful messages or anything intentionally discriminatory, can result in an instant suspension. If you witness any such unprofessional behavior, please document the behavior with video footage or screenshots and provide them to your Commissioner or NocturnalDuet along with a description of what occurred.

Any person involved with, or participating within TheOverguard in any way is expected to use common sense when interacting with other members of the community. Treat other members with the professionalism, respect, and courtesy you expect to receive. Behavior or actions including, but not limited to, rule-bending, exploitation, lying, bad behavior, aggression, bullying, harassment, disrespect, insubordination, and prejudice will not be tolerated. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken when such behavior is properly documented and reported to a member of TheOverguard’s Administration or a Commissioner.


  • Ruleset: Competitive
  • Map Options
  • Map Rotation: After a mirror match
  • Map Control Point: All
  • Map Order: Random
  • Return to Lobby: After a mirror match
  • Maps: *Enter the week’s set maps, as announced

Once all players have joined the lobby, go into Settings, change Map Order to List Order, then click Save. Immediately go back into Settings and change Map Order back to Random. This will randomize a map with all players present to witness.

Hero Options

  • Hero Selection Limit: 1 Per Team
  • Role Selection Limit: None
  • Allow Hero Switching: On
  • Respawn As Random Hero: Off
  • Heroes: All on

Gameplay Options

  • High Bandwidth: On
  • Control Game Mode Format: Best of 3
  • Health Modifier: 100%
  • Damage Modifier: 100%
  • Damager Modifier: 100%
  • Healing Modifier: 100%
  • Ultimate Charge Rate Modifier: 100%
  • Respawn Time Modifier: 100%
  • Ability Cooldown Modifier: 100%
  • Disable Skins: Off
  • Disable Health Bars: Off
  • Disable Kill Cam: On
  • Disable Kill Feed: Off
  • Headshots Only: Off

Team Options

  • Team Balancing: Off
  • When Balancing Occurs: After Mirror Match