Staff Application

The Overguard is currently a non-profit organization, where any revenue is cycled into prize pools. Although The Overguard owners and our existing staff are currently on a volunteer basis, our aim is to have paid positions available in the near future. Our staff are seeing only the beginning of a growing range of benefits from our partners & sponsors. We expect many opportunities to arise in the near future, and we will be focusing on commending and highlighting our staff to the community. Our volunteer staff will be the absolute first preference for paid positions as they arise.

Available Positions


League Admin (PS4/XB1/PC): Up keep of leaderboards, checkins, disputes, score reporting, etc.
Stat Tracker (PS4/XB1/PC): Keeps detailed directory of stats of players/teams within the league.
Commissioner (PS4/XB1/PC): Oversees and deals with day-to-day operations of the leagues and staff teams.

Content Team

Content Director: Oversees and executes content team schedules and curates content for release. Recruits and maintains content team staff.
Video editors: Experienced in editing and creating video content from OVG streams, clip montages, announcements, etc.
Motion Graphic artist: Creates and devolves a unique style for the OVG. Intros, video announcements, gifs, stream animations, etc.
Writer/Editor: Capable of producing weekly blog post, maintaining thorough descriptions through OVG content, and/or monthly newsletters.

Marketing Team

Marketing Director: Oversees social media managers. Executes and develops marketing strategies and campaigns.
Social media manager: Oversees posting and scheduling for all social media profiles.
Sponsorship/Outreach manager: Deals with our ongoing sponsor relationships and reaches out to suitable potential sponsors. Works closely with marketing manager and content team to help maintain sponsor promotion requirements.

Production Team

Production Director: Oversees production staff and schedules. Recruits and maintains staff.
Broadcasters (PC/XB1/PS4): Capable of running a 720p 60fps stream with OBS and multiple scenes set up.
Observer (PC/XB1/PS4): Maintains the in game stream camera. Plans and prepares good camera angles/paths for better viewer experience.
Commentators/Analyst (PC/XB1/PS4): Caster Program – Experience & quality mic/Camera required for Premier league spots. New and training casters sign up for timeslots throughout the week. Teams in The OVG Underground League elect casters based on availability.

Discord Team

Discord moderators: Maintains rules and answers questions within the Discord server. Helps with administrative tasks.
Discord Bot developer: Help create, maintain, and update a custom Bot for TheOverguard.


Web Developer: Operates, maintains, and updates website details and performance.
Application Developer: Operates, maintains, and updates App details and performance.

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