The Overguard is officially dropping into Fortnite esports! On Saturday, October 20th, The Overguard will be hosting its first ever competitive Fortnite event and Fortnite’s first cross-platform event: the Fortnite Duo Gauntlet. Known for hosting Overwatch tournaments for XB1 and PS4, The Overguard is proud to team up with The Leaderboard and host an invite-only console, cross-platform Fortnite tournament with a $2K prize pool. While the tourney is invite-only, with invites currently rolling out, feel free to join the Overguard’s Discord server and request an invite if you think your duo has what it takes to compete. The Gauntlet’s format will be as follows:


  • Duos from Xbox and PlayStation will go head to head in a single-elimination bracket
  •  Duos will join each other in a squads game and whoever gets the most kills over 2 games will move up in the bracket
  • The top 4 community voted players will be invited to the bonus match “Playground Showdown” after the bracket finishes


  • Gold (1st Place): – $1,000
  • Silver (2nd Place): – $200
  • Bronze (3rd Place): $100
  • Crimson Pair (Most Kills): $200
  • The People’s Champ (Winner of the Playground Showdown): $500

For more specific rules and scoring information, check out the tournament on Battlefy and be sure to follow the Overguard’s twitter account for updates on the tournament and to this page (where confirmed contestants will be listed).

Also, while the Duo Gauntlet is invite-only, remember that you can request an invite by joining TheOverguard’s Discord server, and stay tuned if you don’t make the cut because this is only the first of the Overguard’s Fortnite tournaments!