Following some downtime after the Overguard’s Overwatch Arena Beta Season, we have evaluated the community’s feedback in conjunction with some of our current plans and are excited to lay out a general three-month roadmap covering our upcoming Overwatch tournaments as well as our expansions into Fortnite and Hearthstone. Check it all out and feel free to start getting involved by joining our Discord channel and following our Twitter!

3-Month Overwatch Tournament Roadmap

Summer Slam 1: June — Sponsored by KontrolFreek

Open Bracket, Multi-Platform Overwatch tournament sponsored by KontrolFreek, the premier console controller modifiers. Two weekends, one for each console, with prizes and details TBA.

Xbox — June 16th & 17th
PS4 — June 23rd & 24th

(Overwatch Anniversary event tie-in. Skins encouraged)

Summer Slam 2: July — Sponsorship TBD

Tiered Brackets, Multi-Platform Overwatch tournaments split across three weekends. Matcherino pages available.

Xbox — July 14th/15th
PS4 — July 21st/22nd
PC — July 28th/29th

Summer Slam 3: August — Sponsorship TBD

Tiered Brackets, Multi-Platform Overwatch tournaments split across three weekends. Matcherino pages available.

Xbox — August 11th/12th
PS4 — August 18th/19th
PC — August 25th/26th

OG Arena — Overwatch Competitive S1

The first official season of our Overwatch Arena competitive system. Tentatively set for September start.


Overguard x Fortnite Expansion

In coordination with Epic Games, we are officially working to form a unique and engaging Tournament and League Format to promote legitimate competition in the world’s hottest game: Fortnite. We will be sharing details throughout June, but for now our Discord has started including Fortnite roles and has opened up Looking-For-Game (LFG), Free-Agent (FA), and Scrimmage (SCRIM) channels. We should have more details to share near end of June. Join our Discord and Twitter to join the growing community dedicated to creating a professional, enjoyable, competitive Fortnite Battle Royale environment!

Overguard x Hearthstone Expansion


One of the world’s most popular games across all platforms, Hearthstone is an incredibly deep card-based game with a welcoming interface for all players (especially nostalgic Blizzard fans). We are amped to announce that we will be launching a Hearthstone League in August, led by Overwatch caster and nearly unparalleled Hearthstone maestro, Bemmie. More info coming in early July, so get involved with our Discord and Twitter to stay up to date.

Aporia Partnership – Branded Merch Available Now!


We are excited to announce our brand-new Merch shop on our website in partnership with one of Esports leading apparel company, Aporia Customs. Check the collection out here! We have a lot of ideas for the store, including a community art section. Be sure to stay up to date on news, as the store selection grows.

Staff Recruitment

We are looking for highly experienced and passionate individuals to join our team. We are at the cusp of something great – be part of the journey with us. Our current team is friendly and renewed with passion to bring something great to the Esports scene. Normally we are very happy to consider anyone interested in contributing their time, but with so many important options on the horizon we will be strongly prioritizing submissions from experienced or qualified individuals.

If you share our excitement for Esports and feel you have something to offer, by all means, fill in our staff application form here.