“Twas the night before Winter Wonderland, when all through the house

Not a keyboard was stirring, not even a mouse;

The traps were set by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Torbjorn soon would be there…”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hot cocoa, obnoxious sweaters, and our winter event schedule. It’s an Overguard ChrismaHannuKwanza Bonanza! Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland has returned for a few weeks of snowball fights, yeti hunts, and super casually outfitted Hanzo mains. To top it all off, the Overguard’s friendly neighborhood event manager Emminik and our staff cooked up three days of fun, games, and prizes for the community — and kickoff is December 27th! We will be hosting three tournaments through Battlefy: two ladder-style tournaments for the Yeti and Snowball arcade games and one traditional (and very merry) bracketed tournament. Check the full details below, pour a glass of ‘nog, and start dusting off your holiday skins!

The Yeti Cup

Wednesday December 27th brings The Yeti Cup, an open ladder event in the all-new holiday game mode. Bring a team of six (one yeti, five hunters), get matched up against other squads, and square off to see who has the best balance of formidable yeti and elite, coordinated hunters.

  • Minimum 6 players per team: 5 hunters, 1 yeti
  • Teams queue for matches through Battlefy, match up, and try to hunt each other’s yetis
  • Matchups constitute each team’s hunters playing a Bo3 against the other team’s yeti
  • 2 points awarded per Yeti win, 1 point per hunter win
  • At the event’s end the team with the most points get crowned Kings of the Abominable Snow-land and their highlights and tale of survival join wintry folklore
  • PS4: Register through Battlefy here
  • XBox: Register through Battlefy here

The Mei Cup

Thursday, December 28th St. Torbjorn is delivering The Mei Cup, an open ladder event based around a Winter Wonderland classic: Mei’s Snowball Offensive!

  • 6 player teams go head-to-head in an open ladder on Battlefy
  • Registered players queue on Battlefy and once matched against each other play a Bo3 in Mei’s Snowball Offensive  
  • At the event’s end, the team with the most wins is legitimized and certified in our record books and tales as Overwatch’s Most Dominant SnowBall Ballers
  • PS4: Register through Battlefy here
  • XBox: Register through Battlefy here

The Winter Wonderland Cup

This is it Marv, Friday December 29th’s silver tuna: The Winter Wonderland Cup — a double-elimination tournament to determine the merriest holiday champ. Only one team will come away as our Inaugural Wonderland Cup Champion with pride, respect, and the satisfaction of knowing that every other team will likely spend their days continuing to unwrap coal. Sign up to find out if you belong on the naughty or nice side of the list and if St. Torb needs more time to filter through every team that registers then we will push the event into Saturday.

  • Double-elimination tournament bracket
  • Best of 3 until top 8 then best of 5.
  • Number of teams dependent on registrations
  • PS4: Register through Battlefy here
  • Xbox: Register through Battlefy here


~ Words by Will Humphrey, who can be reached on twitter @Woodham_OG ~